I just felt like running

Welcome one and all, I think it’s been about 4 months or so since my last blog, too long if I want to think of myself as a serious blogger I know, but here’s the thing, I don’t. Night shifts seem to do me and now I’ve changed jobs – I had to, visa requirements – I do less night shifts and as I now work in Sports generally I am live for the most part and unable sit here for hours blogging. Luckily for yourselves I’m currently babysitting 2 channels which have no live going on. I wanted to … Continue reading I just felt like running

All you Need is Love?

I was just thinking about this blogging stuff and I thought that maybe it was appropriate to probably write a blog about valentine’s day seeing as it is on Friday afterall. Now me being me, I’ve never really had a valentine. I remember growing up it really bothered me however not so much any more. I’m actually going on a cruise tomorrow and realised last week that it will probably be a million loved up couples on board for valentines. Yawn. It’s not a holiday I celebrate any more. Call it Cynicism, bah humbug, anything you like but to be … Continue reading All you Need is Love?

You Know you’re a ship worker when…

I just had to check my friend’s posts before I start this… I’m going on my ‘first’ cruise next week and looking forward to it. I used to work on ships and this is what I would’ve wrote when I was on the ships if I had time/could be bothered to blog (I know some of these may have been done already): You know you’re a ship worker when… Your days of the week are replaced by places… Today is Curacao, tomorrow is Aruba then two sea days and then Fort Lauderdale… You don’t bat an eyelid when someone asks you ‘do these stairs … Continue reading You Know you’re a ship worker when…

Date whoever you want!

I’ve got to say I’m pretty sick of all these dont date/date a girl/guy (delete as appropriate) who travels posts. A lot of people travel, yeah, it changes you as a person but please get over it. There’s a lot of good people who haven’t travelled, there’s a lot of good people who travel, there’s a lot of arseholes who haven’t travelled and there’s also lots of arseholes who have travelled and the fact that they have travelled/are travelling means they can be an arsehole but add a different story to it. Everyone is an individual. Date whoever you want. … Continue reading Date whoever you want!